Gary Foley and the Beechcraft Queenair tour of the APY Lands 1983

The man under the hat is Gary Foley. Photo taken  after an overnight stay at Uluru during our visit to the APY Lands in 1983. We visited several Aboriginal settlements in the Lands to consult the communities, bumping through turbulence in the Beechcraft Queenair.

During the trip we negotiated details with Yami Lester for the agreement that established the Ngnampa Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Council. I had recruited Gary to review Aboriginal health and services and in 1984 he presented  the Report of the Committee of Review into Aboriginal Health in South Australia  which led to the establishment of several other Aboriginal community controlled health services around the State.

I met up with Gary for lunch in  Sydney last week, the first time I had seen him since he completed and wrote the report well over 30 years ago. Pleased to find him as committed and irrepressible as ever.


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